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The Art of Marketing

I pride my self on creative and relative marketing efforts from “Print-to-Web”. Through the use of technology I strive to create eye catching and a sleek array of marketing materials for your property. Always testing different ways to get more eyes on your property, and produce results for your trust.


With Whistler being the #1 resort in North America, you have to think globally when selling. The videos I create allow buyers from around the globe to immerse them selfs into the properties, and connect with the life style that Whistler has to offer.


With prospective buyers typically available on evening and weekends, I utilize my 24/7 work ethic to get more eyes on your home. I personally try to do 3-4 open houses a week to get as many people through my listings as possible, while helping stage your home to stand out from the rest.


Keeping agents from the area informed is key for getting your property sold. Hosting agents, and potential buyers while offering food, drink, guided tours will help keep your property at the top of everyones mind. Showcasing your home in its best condition is vital, to bring forward the unique features and attributes that it possess.

Social Media

The use of social media has become vital as all eyes are looking at screens during some part of their day. Using social media ad based marketing it allows me to spread your home across thousands of eyes. Word of mouth has always been the best form of sales, and this allows you to be in the forefront of peoples minds. I strive to use all platforms efficiently, and showcase your home beautifully.

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